How Much of Your 'Hard-Earned' Money Will a Biweekly Mortgage Program Save You? Find Out Today with Our Biweekly Mortgage Calculator.

    Biweekly mortgage programs have long been touted as an incredible financial tool. These programs cause you to make small changes to the way you repay your home loans that result in huge savings on the amount of interest you repay to your mortgage company. Small changes that allow you to pay your mortgage off sooner and put you back in control of your finances so you can live with less stress, better plan for retirement, or more easily pay for large expenditures like your childrens college!

    Why is a Biweekly Mortgage Program Important to You?

    For most of us our Home Mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions we will make in our lives. Here's the problem - few people actually realize that regardless of your interest rate, on a 30 year loan, you will pay back 2 - 3 times the amount that you borrow! If you borrow $250,000 on your home for a 30 year mortgage, more than likely you will be forced to pay back the original $250,000 you borrowed plus another $250,000 or more in interest charges! A biweekly mortgage program changes everything. Benefits include:

    • Save Tens of Thousands on Interest Payments that You Should Spend or Invest otherwise!
    • Imagine actually owning your home by becoming "mortgage free" sooner
    • Reclaim the "American Dream" of True Home "Ownership"
    • Pay Your Home off 5-7 years faster
    • Retire Sooner
    • Increase Your Net Worth
    • Having confidence and certainty in your Biweekly Mortgage Program
    • Build your home equity faster!

    get a biweekly mortgage program analysis with our biweekly mortgage calculatorBegin finding out for yourself - take a moment, now, and use our biweekly mortgage calculator. In addition to simply providing your with a loan "amortization" schedule - this biweekly mortgage calculator will result in your receiving a detailed analysis and report. It's not just an ordinary biweekly mortgage calculator.

    What Will Our Biweekly Mortgage Calculator Show You?

    • How much the total cost of your mortgage is now!
    • How much you will pay in interest without a biweekly mortgage program
    • How many years of payments you will save with a biweekly mortgage program
    • How much you will save in interest payments
    • How you can lower the 'effective rate of interest' you pay on loan.
    • The actual percentage of total interest you will save with a biweekly mortgage. (Usually 20%-25% or more)
    • How much it costs you every month you delay starting a biweekly mortgage program

    Want to live a happier and more financially stress free life?

    biweekly mortgage calculator buttonFirst,use our Biweekly Mortgage Calculator, then contact us to start your Biweekly Mortgage Program after you discover how much you'll save!

Why Use Biweekly Mortgage Calculators?

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You Should Use Biweekly Mortgage Calculators to help understand the benefits of Mortgage Acceleration Many consumers today get bombarded in their mailboxes with offers to do different types of mortgage acceleration programs.  While we do not recommend paying $3,000-$6,000 for special "software" that shows you how to pay your debts and home mortgage off faster, wee do recommend that you thoroughly investigate a biweekly mortgage program to see how much you can save on the largest investment you will probably make in your life - your home loan and home purchase, biweekly mortgage calculators do exactly that. Biweekly Mortgage Calculators Project Your Interest Savings Taking a few minutes and using biweekly mortgage calculators help you to discover what the end result for your family with a biweekly program.  You will likely be happily surprised at what these low cost, easy to implement programs ...